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A grey cat being petted

About Us

A Jack Russell terrier out for a walk with their leash

The Animal Hospital of West Woodstock was established in 1992 by Dr. Gregg Cohen. At that time, it was only the second animal hospital in the Woodstock area! Boy how our town has grown!

In 2022 Dr. Cohen found himself ready to take steps toward retirement but didn't want his friends and neighbors to be left to the hands of a corporation who may not deliver the type of service he always worked to provide. Being sure he wanted to keep this hospital locally owned and operated he sold the practice to Dr. Lindsay Baker who shared Dr. Cohen's original vision.

We understand that you have numerous options now when it comes to your pet's healthcare, and we strive to continue to provide kind and friendly hometown service coupled with high quality and complete healthcare for your pet. As the years go by, we will continue to improve, update and modernize our facility and our medicine to meet the needs of our patients and hopefully surpass your expectations.

Partnered With You To Care For Them

Dr. Baker strives to provide impeccable comprehensive veterinary care because she understands that parent involvement is the essence to effective pet care. After she has put together a treatment option for patients, she shares the plan with pet parents. She wants every pet parent to feel heard, and encourages you to give your honest thoughts—especially if you think another option might be better. She wants every client to feel valued and respected at every visit.

Dr. Baker and our team continuously work to provide the best healthcare for your pet, and we are confident that our ambition to improve and provide high-quality care will help us become your full-service veterinary clinic of choice.

We will always partner with you to establish the best treatment plan for your pet and ensure your furry companion remains healthy and happy. Connect with us today at (770) 924-8847 or schedule an appointment here.