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Trained To Restore Your Pet’s Health

A dog jumping across the lawn

Part of your pet’s wellness and comfort depends on the health of their skin.

At Animal Hospital of West Woodstock, we are trained to recognize allergies and skin conditions that are not easily detectable, and utilize modern equipment to reveal the culprit of your pet’s discomfort.

Symptoms That Reveal Allergies In Your Pet

Many pets experience allergy symptoms similar to humans. These symptoms include:

  • Persistent scratching/biting of their coat or skin
  • Shedding excessively
  • Redness, inflammation, or infected skin
  • Constant paw licking (in dogs)
  • Boot scooting or licking their rectal area
  • Respiratory issues (coughing, wheezing, or having trouble breathing)
  • Chronic ear infections

If your furry friend is showing some of these symptoms, it is highly likely that allergies are negatively impacting his or her quality of life. That’s where Animal Hospital of West Woodstock comes in.

Allergies can affect different areas of your pet’s body, but ear pain is often one of the most uncomfortable for our pet friends.

Our vets see plenty of ear infections year round, so we are not strangers to this symptom. When we suspect an ear issue, especially a chronic one, we work to find the root cause that is generating persistent infection and pain.

A cat laying in the grass

We Can Help

We want to prescribe the right treatment for your pet. To achieve this, we run the appropriate diagnostics with the purpose of revealing an exact diagnosis.

An ear cytology aids in providing us with vital information about your pet’s ears. After our vets reveal the principal cause, we prepare a long-acting treatment in our office. This type of treatment also conveniently eliminates the need to administer medication at home, and reduces the need for multiple dosages.

Sometimes allergies are not the cause of generalized itchiness on the skin. If allergies are not the source of your pet’s problem, our vets perform a thorough skin history and physical examination to find a diagnosis and treatment. We refer to a spectrum of products to find the right one for your pet, including injectable options that are administered every couple of months. Treatment will vary depending on your pet's condition, but we work alongside pet owners to decide on the best solution.

We know that it is difficult to watch your pet struggle with allergies and other skin conditions. Contact us today at (770) 924-8847 so we can tailor a treatment plan that will eliminate the problem or request an appointment here.