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Dogs playing in a field

Modern Diagnostics Aid in Providing Accurate Health Results

A dog being X-rayed

Advanced modern diagnostics are indispensable for understanding what is going on with your pet—especially since they can’t just tell us what’s wrong.

At Animal Hospital of West Woodstock, we refer to our modern diagnostics equipment to learn what we can and obtain the most accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosing an X-ray

Finding Fast Treatment

Have you ever had to wait days to weeks to get results for your own medical care? We believe that time is of critical importance to your pet’s wellbeing, we utilize a vast array of in house diagnostic equipment that can provide us with detailed reports in minutes to hours as opposed to days to weeks. When an in-house lab option is not available, samples are sent to an outside lab with most results available in 24 hours. When we have the most knowledge possible, we can make the most accurate diagnosis.


Tools to Get a Clear Picture

Since no one test can fully evaluate every organ in the body, our team relies on a variety of different equipment to gain a clear picture of the issue.

X-rays (digital radiographs) are best used to assess problems related to bones and joints, they give us an overview of the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. Because they are digital, these instant results make it easy for us to provide the best medical care for your pet.

Dental X-ray is done utilizing the same equipment you’re used to in your dentist’s office to identify dental disease lying below the gumline. Because pets will not allow this to be done while awake, these X-rays are taken during all of our dental procedures while under general anesthesia.

Ultrasound is an advanced diagnostic solution that can give us a greater amount of detail about each abdominal organ, intestinal movements, pregnancy, and certain heart and lung disorders. This is a real time scan performed by our veterinarians who have received advanced training and practice in this area.

Echocardiograms are detailed ultrasounds of the heart. These will fully assess your pet’s heart function and guide the appropriate treatment for their heart disease. Some conditions can only be accurately diagnosed with an echocardiogram. Because this is an advanced level skill and requires special equipment, we refer to a board-certified cardiologist for this procedure who will come to our clinic by appointment. By offering this service we are able to get you specialty level care in the comfort and convenience of our office and also reducing the cost associated with going to a specialty clinic elsewhere.

In addition to X-ray and echocardiograms, we can perform electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) in our clinic to aid in diagnosing and treating certain heart conditions. These tests are done in a matter of minutes and transmitted to board-certified cardiologists who analyze the reading and give us direction on diagnosis, further testing needed, and medications to administer.

Additionally, we also have an in-house laboratory outfitted with complete blood count (CBC) analyzers, chemistry analyzers and an Imagyst machine which provides us with the most advanced and cutting edge AI technology to analyze stool samples, ear samples, skin samples, blood smears, and perform urinalysis. With this machine we are also able to submit samples to board-certified pathologists to diagnose cancerous and other potentially life-threatening conditions and are able to receive a response in 2 hours or less!

Does your pet have a painful or red eye? Preserving vision and eliminating pain in an animal is vital to maintaining a good quality of life. We can perform instant diagnostics to identify inflammation, ulcerations, cataracts, dry-eye conditions, and glaucoma.

Communication with our pet parents is top priority. Therefore, once a diagnosis is available, we ensure pet parents are updated with every detail.

Connect with us at (770) 924-8847 if you would like to learn more about our diagnostics tools or you can schedule an appointment today here.